We are now open but with limitations. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the upmost concern for all of our patrons we no longer allow all-day play. We are moving in that direction but due to state guidelines we are doing two sessions a day. You can come and go during your purchased session. Once the jump session ends we thoroughly clean and sanitize all of the bouncers and touch surfaces using a hospital grade no-rinse virucide. 

We believe our durable safe bouncers and toddler area located in the facility will help children grow physically through fun interactive play.  So no matter what the weather is like outside come to Bounce About and play on our indoor playground.


10:00am to 2:00pm and 2:30pm to Close


Play faq​​

At Bounce About, having fun is what we are all about. Our facility is full of inflatable bouncers, slides and obstacle courses, which will keep a party full of kids entertained.  We offer 2 hour party packages accommodating  parties up to 24 kids. With our different packages you can easily choose the party that is right for you.

Store hours 



We do not accept reservations for any timeslot. We follow state guidelines for general capacity limits. You can leave during your session but if we reach capacity limits we will not be able to let you back in until others leave and a spot becomes available.