For more information How early should I reserve my party?
A. As soon as possible. The sooner you reserve your party, the greater your chance of reserving the exact date and time you WANT. It is not uncommon for parties to be scheduled six to eight weeks in advance! We strive to accommodate even the most immediate need. Note: we cannot guarantee your reservation until you have made your deposit.

Q. How do I book a party?
You can make a party reservation on our website  homepage by clicking  on the book a party tab in the middle of the screen or you can go HERE to book now.   You can call us to discuss your needs so we can help you choose the perfect party package. All party reservations will require a $ 75.00 deposit to hold the date & time. We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Sorry we DO NOT except checks.

Q. What are the available times to have a party?
  These time slots are available 7 days a week.

10:00 pm – 12:00 pm

11:00 pm – 1:00pm

12:30 pm-2:30pm

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Not available weekdays in the Summer)

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (Not available weekdays in the Summer)

 *Private Parties can be booked, please call the store for more information. A private party fee is added to your package. You can find more information abour Private Parties at Bounce About by clicking HERE.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
All reserved parties will require a $75.00 deposit to hold your date & time. Deposits are refundable if canceled at least 3 weeks prior to the party. If canceled less than 3 weeks from the party date, the deposit is non-refundable, but may be applied against a future party, or placed on a gift card. As always, we will strive to work with you on any cancellation. Parties canceled within 72 hours of the reserved party time will not receive a refund or a gift card. However, they can reschedule their party within 60 days of the original scheduled party.

Q. Do you have private party rooms?
Absolutely!! Every party has its own private party room, which will be available starting 10  minutes prior to the start time of your scheduled party.

Q. What is provided with my party?
Package details are located on the party pricing page, but all parties include a private party room, party host assistance, invitations, a drink and pizza for each child as well as paper products. Each Birthday Child will receive a special Birthday gift. In addition to the standard items, each party can have additional options added on such as ice cream, extra pizza, party favor bags and Chick-fil-A Nugget and Fruit trays, and soda (prices for these items are listed on party page).

Q. Can we book a party in person?
Yes, we have a wonderful staff who can assist you in reserving the appropriate party and ordering food.

Q. After my party time is up, can my guests stay and play?
While additional time after your party is not included in the party package, guests may purchase an individual admission to continue to play within the facility. If you would like additional details, please inquire when you make your reservation or when you call with your final headcount.

Q. What if I have more than the guest limit for my party package?
A total of 4 additional children can be added for a cost of $10 each. If a party exceeds your selected package size plus these 4 additional guests, you will need to upgrade to a larger package. Most party rooms can be expanded to accommodate a larger group. Please note that changes after the final headcount confirmation may cause delays in the correct quantity of food ordered or other add-ons.

Q. Do I have to pay for my party in full prior to the day of the party?
You will pay the remaining balance of your party at the end of your party.

Q. Can I down grade my party package on the day of the party if all my quests do not show?
  No we will not down grade your package on the day of your party.  You need to try to get a head count and RSVP  from your guests for how many kids will attend your party. We will call you 48-72 hours prior to the party to confirm the details and the package size you still want.  You can also call us prior to the day of the party to change your package size.  On they day of your party you will be charged for what you booked.  An additonal fee of $10 per child will be added to your package if you exceed the number of kids in your set package.

Q. Are my guests required to sign a waiver?
A waiver must be completed for each child attending your party. For parents dropping off their children, we do have a party sign-in sheet with the waiver included. Children not being dropped off by their parent/guardian can bring a signed waiver, which can be downloaded here.
We are sorry, but… no waiver… no bouncing.

Q. What should the kids wear?
Socks are required for every person who plays on the inflatables. If someone forgets their socks, don’t worry, we sell socks at our concession/gift counter. We recommend clothing that will cover the skin (long sleeves, pants, etc) for more effective sliding. Nylon type pants make the kids go extra fast down the slides. Any clothing that runs the risk of scratching/puncturing the inflatables should not be worn.

Q. Can Adults play on the inflatables?
. For the safety of your kids, we do not allow teenagers and adults to play on any the jumps, slides, and obstacle courses. You are welcome to assist kids 3 years-old and younger in the play areas, but you may not bounce or play. Parents must wear socks and are also required to sign a waiver if they plan to assist children on the inflatables.

Q. How early should everyone arrive prior to the party?
Everyone, including the host family, should arrive promptly at the scheduled party time, but no more than 10 minutes early. We need to sign the children in and/or collect waivers and review our safety rules with everyone before the party starts.

Q. How many guests can I invite?
8, 16 or 24 children (depending on package selected) plus the birthday child(ren). Anyone over the age of 12 can come celebrate with the birthday child(ren) and are not included in the guest limit, and are not allowed to participate on the inflatables (age limit of participants is 12 years of age). Parents can sit in the center area of the bouncing arena or hang-out in our grown-up area and talk with other parents, watch TV or read a book.

Q. Do we need a final headcount?
Yes, We will call you for a final head count 48-72 hours prior to the party, so we can adequately prepare your party and make any necessary adjustments. On the day of your party you will be charged for the package you booked.  On that day there will be an additional fee if your final head count exceeds the number booked ($10.00 each additional child), or an upgrade to the next package.

Q. What is the age limit of participants?
Children 13 and under may participate on the inflatables. Parents can join younger children (less than 3 years old), on the inflatables, but parents must sign a waiver. We do have inflatables for the under 3 crowd and parents may join children 3 and under on the inflatables.

Q. Can I order additional food/drinks for the adults?
Yes, you can place additional order for  pizza, chicken nugget trays, fruit trays and drinks with us when you book the party or when we confirm the final headcount.

Q. Do you have balloons or ice cream?
Yes we have several additional party options available, including Pizza, chicken nuggets, fruit trays and ice cream. All additional items are listed on the party package page. You can also purchase these and other items in our concession area or include them in your party package when speaking with your party planner. Simply let your party host know what additional items you would like when making your initial reservation or at final headcount. Certain add-on items need to be reserved at time of confirmation and may not be available the day of the party.

Q. Can I bring my own food?
You may bring the cake (don’t forget your candles), but all other outside food and beverages are not allowed.
Sorry but we do not have a place to store Ice Cream Cakes.

Q. When do I place my food order?
You can place your food order when you make the reservation or at final head count. We need a final head count 48-72 hours prior to your party to ensure the food you’ve ordered is delivered on time. If you need to make adjustments after the final head count, please be aware that this could delay the delivery of food.

Q. What  extra decorations can we bring?
You are free to bring in banners, hats, noise makers or other items that can be taken home (or easily cleaned up). We often have other parties scheduled after yours, so silly string, confetti, piñatas, bubbles, and streamers are not allowed as they delay the room being ready for the next party. A cleaning fee will be assessed for these types of decorations.

You can not expect Bounce About staff to decorate rooms for you.  You can have access to the party room 10 minutes before the start of your party. During this time you can decorate the party room with your special decorations that your brought. Also the children will be playing in the play room during the first part of your party, so you can also have more time to decorate the private room with your special decorations during this time .

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