What is the age limit for my kid(s) to play at BOUNCE ABOUT?
Only kids 13 years of age and younger are permitted to play on the equipment. We have a toddler play area for children 3 years-old and younger. For the safety of your kids, we do not allow anyone over 13 years-old to bounce or play at BOUNCE ABOUT.

How long can my kids play at BOUNCE ABOUT?
 Your kids can stay and play as long as they would like during the BOUNCE ABOUT hours of operation. There is no re-entry once you do leave Bounce About. However, we do offer an all day play pass if you wish to come and go during the day.

Do you offer membership packages?
 Yes, we offer membership packages to fit any family size. These packages can be purchased by the month or quarterly. This is a great way to save money if you find yourself at Bounce About several times a month.

Can we walk-in and play any time?
 Yes, you can walk-in and bring your kids to play at any time during your local BOUNCE ABOUT hours of operation.

As an adult, can I play in the BOUNCE ABOUT play areas?
 For the safety of your kids, we do not allow teenagers and adults to play on any the jumps, slides, and obstacle courses.

Is outside food allowed at BOUNCE ABOUT?
 No, we do not allow outside food or drinks at this BOUNCE ABOUT location. We do allow coffee in Bounce About.

Can we have a “Walk-In Party” at BOUNCE ABOUT?
 You are always welcome to walk-in and play, but no items related to a party will be allowed inside the facility.

Are there group or discount rates?
 Yes, we offer a group rate of $6.00 a child for groups of 10 or larger. We do need 48-hour notice for any groups. This will ensure we have a host available for your group.

Are socks needed to play at BOUNCE ABOUT?
 Yes, all kids are required to wear socks in the play areas. If your kids do not have socks, we have them available for purchase at our concession area.

Can we book a party at our BOUNCE ABOUT location?
 Yes, we have a staff members at BOUNCE ABOUT who can assist you in booking your party. You also can click on book a party  tab located on the home screen of this site.